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Certificates Order Form

Certificates of Ordination
and Sacred Vows

* Please Note:
You must be a member of the clergy or on staff of a church of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) and be authorized by your bishop to order these certificates.

To avoid delays in processing your order

Our high quality, 11" x 17" certificates are printed in Red & Black on Natural Parchment
and are available for a price of $12.00 each.

(When framing your certificates, matting is highly recommended)

If you are not a staff member or clergy with the Charismatic Episcopal Church then you must pre-pay your order.


Print an enlarged copy of the Certificate of Ordination form

This area contains the date of ceremony and Saints(s) names done in memorial of. We can pick these for you or you may indicate your own choice.

Date of Ceremony:

Do you wish to choose your Saints?
Note: It must be of same day...

Yes No If yes, please list names

Information about  your Presiding Bishop
Name of Presiding Bishop:
Your Full Name:
This area contains information about Previous Ordinations in the Church from which a Minister is being    RECEIVED (if applicable).
(Previous Ordination):
Name of Church
(Previous Ordination):
Name given at Ordination (if applicable)
(please check appropriate boxes below):  
Consecration Ordination Reception
Bishop Priest Deacon
Location where Rite will take place:  
Church Name or Name of Gathering Body:
  CEC Other
City       State         Country    
Witnesses: you must have 2 witnesses  
Title Full Name Office
Title Full Name Office
Title Full Name Office
  Do you need a Letter of Institution at this time? Yes No
  Office Assigned to: For (Church, Diocese, etc.)
Additional Information

Please provide a shipping address:
(UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box)
We do offer Priority Mail shipping to all military servicemen and women with PO boxes, APO's and FPO's.

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Whom may we contact with questions?

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